Al Maharat Private School's approach to education is based on our core mission and values of fostering lifelong learning, developing confident individuals, and inspiring global citizens.


At Al Maharat Private School, we inspire all members of our community to be aspirational and attain their goals. We strive to create learners who can:
Dream - motivated and ambitious, setting high standards and expectations for themselves and others.
Believe - have confidence in themselves and their abilities to learn and grow.
Achieve - take on challenges and risks, try different methods, overcome obstacles.
We are dedicated to instilling these values into our learners so that they can reach their full potential. We are devoted to helping them Dream, Believe and Achieve.


We are dedicated to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow by inspiring and motivating our learners today.

At Al Maharat Private School, every learner has the potential to be greater than they ever imagined. Our aim is to motivate even the most capable and provide assistance for those less confident so that all can reach their highest potential. We focus on creating a supportive and tolerant atmosphere, where each student is valued as an individual.

Our priority is to provide increased support for learners, professional development opportunities for staff, academic progress, and spiritual enrichment of pupils, in addition to more learning prospects for the wider community.

Our key methodologies are coaching, challenging, and innovating.

Coaching for guidance and motivation
Challenging to push boundaries and strive for excellence.
Innovating  new ideas and methods of teaching.
At Al Maharat Private School, we foster an environment where effort and achievement are applauded and celebrated. We promote both local and British values so that our learners are well-equipped to take on the world with a spirit of global citizenship. Our goal is for all members of the APS community to acquire the necessary life and learning skills to flourish in a constantly evolving world.

Global Citizenship

Global citizenship is an important part of the APS ethos and we strive to create an intercultural learning environment for our learners. To ensure this, our curriculum has been designed to integrate the four key pillars of Moral Education.


Character and morality:

developing universal principles and values that reflect the shared human experience


The individual and the community:

cultivating a sense of belonging to foster cooperation, understanding, and respect.


Civic studies:

promoting responsible citizenship through active participation in civic life.


Cultural studies:

encouraging an appreciation for different cultures and diverse backgrounds.

The Golden Rules

Our school emphasizes five key principles to promote positive behavior. These core tenets are discussed in assemblies and serve as guiding standards for our learners.

These rules include:
1. Being kind, respectful, and courteous to all those we encounter.
2. Doing our best in any task we take on.
3. Looking out for the well-being of our peers and treating them with respect.
4. Taking responsibility for our belongings, school property, and equipment.
5. Paying attention to instructions, listening carefully, and providing appropriate responses.

These rules are the basis of the behaviour policy which promotes high standards of behaviour around the school. We encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own actions and look after each other, fostering a strong sense of community. We also have special assemblies dedicated to Rights Respecting Schools. We promote a ‘win-win’ approach to conflict resolution, ensuring that all members of our school community respect and value each other.

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