Curriculum overview

Al Maharat Private School provides a curriculum that is based on the National Curriculum of England (also commonly referred to as the UK Curriculum' or 'British Curriculum).
The UK Curriculum is internationally recognised and respected for its high academic standards, enriched with robust research-based learning activities that promote creativity and inspire learners to thrive in their educational pursuits. The school also embeds UAE values and traditions into the curriculum through a range of learning experiences, creative projects, and activities.

At Al Maharat Private School, learners have the opportunity to study a range of subjects including

● English Language and Literature,
● Mathematics,
● Science,
● Computing and ICT,
● Social Studies,
● Arabic,
● Islamic Education,
● Physical Education.

All programmes are planned to ensure that our learners have access to high-quality education that will help them reach their full potential.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school also offers a range of extra-curricular activities and clubs, including music, theatre, art, sports, and cultural activities to ensure everyone have an all-round learning experience. We aim for our learners to develop important life skills such as communication, teamwork, and critical thinking that will help them excel in their future studies.

An International Experience

Al Maharat Private School provides an international education that helps learners learn to appreciate the diversity of cultures in the world. We believe that this experience can help nurture global citizens who are resilient and open-minded, ready to take on challenges both at home and abroad.

Discover more about our curriculum from Early Years 1 to Year 9, here.

The Key Stages

The curriculum is organised into blocks of years called 'key stages' (KS). The key stages are divided into:

❖ Foundation Stage (ages 3-5)
❖ Key Stage 1 (Years 1 - 2)
❖ Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6)
❖ Key Stage 3 (Years 7 - 9)
❖ Key Stage 4 (Years 10 - 11)

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Early Years/ Foundation years

A combination of both play-based activities and structured learning.
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Primary school (Y1-6)

Key Stages 1 and 2: Developing a range of core skills and knowledge.
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Extra Curricular Activities

Developing skills through arts, crafts, music, sports, and physical activities.
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Academic Calendar

View our 2023 - 2024 term dates.
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