Al Maharat Private School Age Placement Guide

Learners will be placed in school grades according to their age and their progression. The requirements for admission are summarised in the table below:
Section Grade National Curriculum of England Year Minimum age on 1st September 2023
KG KG 1 FS 2 4 years
KG 2 Year 1 5 years
Primary GR 1 Year 2 6 years
GR 2 Year 3 7 years
GR 3 Year 4 8 years
GR 4 Year 5 9 years
GR 5 Year 6 10 years
Secondary GR 6 Year 7 11 years
GR 7 Year 8 12 years
GR 8 Year 9 13 years
GR 9 Year 10 14 years
GR 10 Year 11 15 years
GR 11 Year 12 16 years
GR 12 Year 13 17 years

Grade Placement

When considering grade placement, it is important to ensure that the correct grade level is applied for. This can be particularly challenging when transitioning between different curriculums or schools with differing academic calendars. To help navigate this process, please refer to our Grade Equivalency Chart which can provide assistance in making this decision. Alternatively, you can contact the admissions team for additional advice and guidance.

Ultimately, any grade level placement will be subject to Final Approval by ADEK (Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge). Therefore, it is essential that all necessary steps are taken to ensure a seamless transition into the desired educational setting.

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