Principal's Welcome

As Principal of AlMaharat Private School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website and to thank you for taking the time to visit.

Dear Parents,

Our School prides itself in being a place that supports the positive growth of each and every student, a place that has a flexible yet supportive framework of discipline, a freedom that allows students to learn even from their mistakes, to develop into person moulded by the correlatives of freedom and responsibility.

Through Our vision CHANGE EDUCATION FOR LIFE, we anticipate high potentials of all our students, our aim is to develop their  leadership, social, emotional, and academic skills to prepare them for success in career, relationships, and life-long learning. We also have high expectations of ourselves to help all APS students learn and grow into well-rounded citizens and critical thinkers.

Our ultimate goal is to allow students to obtain a quality education that enables them to integrate into the educational process and enhance their self-learning abilities. We strive to comply with the country’s march towards the transformation to the Knowledge Economy through empowering students, developing their skills and enriching the culture of innovation. 

Community engagement and involvement in the school is important. APS values the partnerships with parents, families, and community. The School regularly consults with community as part of school self-review and encourage community engagement in the curriculum and learning programs.

At APS we enjoy celebrating successes and acknowledge hard work of staff, students and community and believe this is one of the contributors fundamental to a happy school environment. We believe that all staff, students and community should feel valued and appreciated at school. 

I hope you will enjoy your visit to the website and should you wish to contact us, please find details at the top of the page.

Principal's Message

Ms. Asma Abu Sheikha

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