"The first book maintained Students write the first line in the future"
Mohammed bin rashid

Introduction to the Arab Reading Challenge

The Arab Reading Challenge (ARC) is the largest-ever Arab literacy initiative. Launched by His UAE Vice President and Prime Minister of the and Ruler of Dubai Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to encourage students to read, ARC challenges students to read as many books as possible (over 50) in one academic year.  The challenge is an Arabic reading competition with participating students from Years 1 to 12 from schools across the Arab world. The competition starts every year in September until the end of March. Students work through five stages of the competition reading ten books and summarizing their content in the challenge passports. Upon completion of the reading and summarizing, the final stage of elimination commences according to set criteria. The eliminations are done amongst schools, education zones and Arab countries until the finals, which are held annually in Dubai in October.

The purpose of the Arab Reading Challenge

The Arab Reading Challenge aims at developing the love of reading among the children and young people of the Arab world, and instilling it as an inherent tradition in their lives that enhances curiosity and passion for their knowledge and expands their awareness. Reading also leads to the development of students’ analytical thinking, criticism and expression skills, and promotes their values ​​of tolerance and intellectual and cultural openness by introducing them to the ideas of writers, thinkers and philosophers with their diverse backgrounds and experiences in multiple cultural domains.

The challenge is to open the door to the educational field and parents in the Arab world to contribute to this end and play a pivotal role in changing the reality of reading and instilling love in new generations.