About Our School

Al-Maharat Private School was founded in 2015 in Shakhbut City as a national school with international standards.

 The school operates under the management of KHX in Kuwait, which aims to achieve a clear vision of “changing education for life”.

Our school also praises the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge for the outstanding performance of our students, as well as providing an innovative educational environment from kindergarten to high school.

School Facilities


Al Maharat School Library contains a variety of books that develop students’ reading skills and help them to improve high thinking skills in various aspects.


Healthy food in our life is an important issue where we have sufficient knowledge of what we should offer to our students.

Sports Stadium

Our playgrounds contribute greatly to the achievement of educational goals, help to take out talents, and refined, within the corridors

The Best Experience Ever

"To Empower learners with a curriculum based on knowledge, skills and charecter within a 21st century environment through accountable staff"
Almaharat private School
Change Education for life

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