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The Almaharat School is an integrated educational system that focuses on knowledge, skills development and student personality development

Almaharat private School


At Al Maharat Private School, we believe that every student is able to achieve success in school life if he is provided with a positive environment that fosters and stimulates his skills and talents. Therefore, we have endeavored since the first day to provide a creative, happy, safe and incubating environment for all our students. An environment in which they can receive education, care, love, guidance, direction and support so that they can grow physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively in a balanced way.

Academic Excellence

We work harder to fulfill our mission to Empower learners with a curriculum based on knowledge, skills and character within a 21st century environment.

World class Facilities

We assures a safe environment for students with full professional supervision. Our facilities meet world class standard that support the quality of the education

Student progress Tracking

We always track the student’s academic progress, social and emotional wellbeing. We also record accurate fact-based conclusion, and develops skills

Welcome Message

From the principal

Sarah Isberg

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Al Maharat Private School (APS), where our philosophy is firmly grounded in positive education with wellbeing at the heart of all we do.
Our vision at APS is to provide an outstanding world-class education for all the learners in our care. We take great pride in our school and its achievements, confident in our provision of the best learning experience for all our pupils in a safe and happy environment.

We know what matters and what makes a difference to learning, which is why we promote a learner-centred culture of inclusion, ambition, challenge, support and achievement for all. Our academic excellence, tailored curriculum, pastoral care and extra-curricular programmes are of the highest quality and the cornerstones of our school.


"To Empower learners with a curriculum based on knowledge, skills and character within 21st century "

Our mission

make your child's education easier and efficient!

Only Best Features!

Provides world class facility in all aspects to improve the overall development to enhance education.

School Library

A school library is equipped with wide variety of resources for students and teachers.

Science Lab

The education policy at the School is keen to build scientific skills and take care of practical aspects.

Kids Play Area

Our playgrounds contribute greatly to the educational goals, and help to bring out and refine talents.

Sports Stadium

The sports grounds ensure the safety of students by ensuring constant care and maintenance.


Applies the activities of the learning centers to develop their abilities at an important age stage

Computer Lab

Teaching through the lab awakens interest and develops the ability to observe and conclude facts.

We do our best to stand out!

What makes us better?

We believes servicing the community and maintain social commitment is the prime aim of education

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Happy Families

Latest Projects

We have launched STEAM – an approach to learning and development by integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.



LEGO Classes


Design & Technology


Master your skills!

If you can dream it, you can do it.

The sports grounds at Al Maharat Private School are equipped to ensure the safety of students while ensuring constant care and maintenance. 

The indoor gym is equipped with adequate lighting, ventilation and air conditioning according to the requirements and standards of sports quality.

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Plot No:1, Street No:1, Community No: 80,

Shakbout City,

Khalifa City-B

P.O.Box: 126534




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